Private consultations

Do you have a great idea for the screen or stage and but don’t know how to start? Do you have a first draft of a script and want to make it better? Are you stuck on aspects of structure, story-boarding, treatments, or step-outlines and just need a push to finish the draft?

All of these services and more are available in my private consultations.

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How much does it cost and what’s the time commitment?
The work schedule, frequency of meetings, and pricing depend on the type of the project and the work that needs to be done and your own budget. Since each instruction is tailored to an individual writer’s needs it is not possible for me to give you exact pricing until we’ve talked. The first step in our working together is a free consultation.

At the end of the consultation you can expect a bid from me for the work you are wanting me to do with you (just like when you hire a contractor!) and we can go from there.

I’m not local?
No problem. I have worked productively over phone, e-mail, and video conferencing.

I want industry and professional advice, can you do that?:
You betcha! I’ve spent twenty years working in the film, theater and TV industries and can give you specific up-to-date advice about each one.

Many of my former students are now working professionals in the theater and film industries.

Read about my Duke student Bryan Unkeless, now the producer of “The Hunger Games” films, who credits me!

“I met Andrea when she was consulting for our story department on incoming literary submissions and some internal development projects. Her notes were smart, really smart…centered on character and motivation…After a few years, I changed firms, but when I needed a consultant, I reached out to Andrea. And I will do it again. And again. Andrea knows story and she knows how to make them better.”
        -Trever Stewart, Development Producer

“Andrea helped me hone my writing skills by not only teaching me the basics of screenplay writing, but also by motivating me to challenge myself to never settle for less than my best.”
        -Colton Miller, Screenwriter, Assistant at Harbinger Pictures

“Andrea is an amazing teacher. So patient and encouraging…Her extraordinary knowledge and talent as a playwright is obvious in her teaching, and her expertise has improved every aspect of my writing.”
        -Emily Golden, playwright

“The prompts are fantastic. The teacher knows her stuff”
        -Screenwriting student evaluation, University of Portland

“Workload was demanding, but still well worth it. Most importantly, the exercises were interesting and none were without purpose”
        -Dramatic Writing student evaluation, Duke University