“In January 2011, Artists Repertory Theatre invited playwrights from across the county to submit their ideas for the now-named Fowler/Levin Prize....Andrea Stolowitz's play concept was the unanimous choice by the artistic leadership at the theatre. Andrea is an amazingly gifted playwright whose work I have long admired and I look forward to this new play with great excitement and anticipation!”
        - Allen Nause, Producing Artistic Director,
         Artists Repertory Theatre

3w/2m, flexible set, 80 minutes, no intermission

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“We the audience are not suspended between events, as is most typical… In Antarktikos, Stolowitz suspends us instead between two conditions. Are we in Antarctica or in Oregon? Are we with [the character] Susan in the present time, or with the Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott in 1913… The power of this form of suspense is that we are not released from it. Stolowitz’s Antarktikos will continue to haunt its viewers long after a performance of it ends.”
        - H.L. Hix,
         Oregon Literary Arts Drama Fellowship Judge

2w/2m/flexible set, 90 minutes, no intermission

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“Dealing with an aging parent is difficult, and doubly so when the parent-child connection has frayed. That's the central situation in Andrea Stolowitz's heartbreaking new play...The struggle climaxes in a scene [that] leads to a soul-wrenching finale.”
         - Don Braunagel, LA Times

3W, flexible set, 90 minutes, no intermission

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“Andrea Stolowitz' startling one-act revision of the story of Agamemnon, part of her evening-length Tales of Doomed Love, was the best original script we saw in this region last year...Its connections to present-day geopolitics were the fabled warrior and strategist answered to a war crimes tribunal for the sacrificial murder of his daughter, Iphegenia.”
         - Byron Woods, Triangle Independent Weekly

1M/1F, Flexible Set, 70 minutes, no intermission

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“Sometimes bad things happen for reasons no one can explain...but the unsolved mysteries aren’t the crux of the play. Rather they serve as a springboard for the playwright to explore the way we humans cope with the uncertain nature of the world...[Stolowitz] is a writer who seems to dislike taking the easy way out...Seascapes is sure to be one of the most thought provoking plays staged in Roanoke this year.”
         - Beth Jones, The Roanoke Times

3M/1W, Flexible Set, 100 minutes, two acts

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“Andrea's play gives us a fabulous fury of a teenager...When she hijacks the car and the neighbor for a road trip into the desert, well....let's just say the road to revelation is paved with bad intentions.”
        - Mead Hunter, Artistic Director, New Harmony Project

3M/3W, flexible set, 100 minutes, two acts

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