2w/2m/flexible set, 90 minutes, no intermission

Somewhere between Oregon and Antarctica lie several points on a continuum: Susan, a writer at an artists residency at the South Pole; Captain Robert Falcon Scott, leader of the British Antarctic expedition of 1912; and Hilary, Susan’s 21-year-old daughter. When an insomniac EMT named Alex becomes the hapless link among them, time collapses, geographies blend and destinies emerge.

“We the audience are not suspended between events, as is most typical… In Antarktikos, Stolowitz suspends us instead between two conditions. Are we in Antarctica or in Oregon? Are we with [the character] Susan in the present time, or with the Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott in 1913… The power of this form of suspense is that we are not released from it. Stolowitz’s Antarktikos will continue to haunt its viewers long after a performance of it ends.”
– H.L. Hix, Oregon Literary Arts Drama Fellowship Judge

“The seductive setting carries a story that upsets and expands expectation…The central relationship is that between mother and child, and the play has much to say about letting go….The play’s title uses the name Aristotle gave the distant south polar lands whose existence he only intuited. Here, it suggests how we intuit a similarly distant, cold stage of life.”
-Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“If this sounds like an unlikely setting for a play, then you have not yet had the pleasure of encountering Andrea Stolowitz’s body of work…her characters thrive in blasted heaths of the imagination—those liminal Arden Forests where transformation and sometimes even transfiguration takes place…let Andrea serve as your [guide] now as you explore the blind corners and endless vistas of Antarktikos.”
-Mead Hunter, Artistic Director New Harmony Project in
his introductory notes to Theatre Forum’s publication of
, July 2013.

“I love Andrea’s voice. It is elegant, and profound, and unlike any I’ve heard before. I appreciate the way she’s woven these two, really three, worlds together. I am invested fully in each and every one. It makes for one satisfying reveal after another. I’m always completely in the story, at the edge of my seat, wondering.”
-Lydia R. Diamond, judges comments for Oregon Book
Award Drama Prize, April 2013.


Production History

  • World Premiere, Pittsburgh Playhouse. March 2013.
  • Reading, Seattle Repertory Theater. July 2012.
  • Workshop, High Desert Play Festival. March 2012.
  • Workshop, JAW festival, Portland Center Stage. July 2011.
  • Reading, White Pine Productions, dir: Ed Sobel, June 2011.
  • Workshop, New Harmony Project, New Harmony, Indiana, May 2011.
  • Reading Artists Repertory Theater, OR. 2011.
  • Workshop, Key City Public Theater, WA. 2011.


  • Kilroy’s List 2015 Honorable Mention.
  • Publication TheatreForum, summer 2013.
  • Winner, 2013 Oregon Book Award’s Angus L. Bowmer prize for drama
  • Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship Recipient. January 2012.
  • Nominated for Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. 2011.
  • Finalist, PlayPenn Conference. 2011.
  • Finalist, Premiere Stages New Play Prize. 2011.



Script Sample (PDF)