Successful Strategies is a brand new comedy by three-time Oregon Book Award winning playwright Andrea Stolowitz. Inspired by the Marivaux farce by the same name, we follow seven characters as they hilariously dismantle their own relationships while attempting to save them. Taking place on a Willamette Valley vineyard just before the grape harvest, the play plumbs the depths of relationships and wine-making with humor and heart. 4M/3W, 110 minutes with intermission.

Winner: 2019 Oregon Book Award for Drama:
Judge Comments: In this hugely entertaining and nimble-witted transposition of Marivaux’s Successful Strategies, Stolowitz smartly exchanges the original setting of empaneled 18th century rooms for the sun-shot vineyards of the Willamette Valley. The comic results are as enjoyable as the Pinot Noir everyone’s swilling. The play’s cardinal virtue is its successful preservation of the flirtatious and waggish charm of the original. Readers and audiences alike will want to spend the evening in the company of these pleasure-loving characters, paired, perhaps, with an ample glassful of the tasty varietal at the heart of this story.

World Premiere: Oregon Contemporary Theatre. Eugene, OR. 2018
Development: Artists Repertory Theatre: Fertile Ground Festival 2017 and Stoller Family Vineyard.